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When Charged With A Crime, Do Not Lose Hope

All too often, people accused of crimes lose hope and give up without a fight. They let police and prosecutors convince them that they have no chance. They plead guilty and accept the penalties that are handed down. They allow their lives to be ruined by a criminal charge.

Before you give in, think about this: It is the job of police and prosecutors to convict you. They are going to do everything within their power to achieve that goal. They are going to make it seem as though the evidence against you is flawless, and that you might as well just plead guilty because you do not have a chance. But is the evidence really flawless? Is the case against you really that strong? Is there really nothing you can do?

There Is Only One Thing To Do: Fight Criminal Charges

At Hammel Law Offices P.C. in Joliet, we have been helping people like you fight criminal charges for more than 25 years. We know how to dig into a case and find the weaknesses. We understand where to look to find flaws in the evidence, as well as proceeding and preserving your legal rights.

Even if the evidence itself seems flawless, there may have been mistakes made in its collection. Perhaps your rights were violated. Was there an illegal search and seizure? Were the bounds of warrants exceeded? Was there a warrant at all?

Even in the most seemingly straightforward drunk driving arrest, there is room for error, and an error can lead to case dismissal, a reduction in charges or a reduction in penalties. So before you plead guilty, we encourage you to let our lawyers review your case and give you the truth about where you stand.

We defend against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony offenses, including:

In addition to fighting criminal charges, we handle all related matters, including driver’s license suspension and restoration/reinstatement, restraining orders, bail hearings and more. We also handle post-conviction matters such as appeals and probation violations.

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