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Is there ever a time when speeding is reasonable?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Criminal Defense

There are plenty of people who have been stopped by the police after being accused of speeding. Those individuals, if they pay their tickets and accept the penalties, will most likely see an increase in their insurance rates and could even lose their licenses if this is a regular occurrence.

As someone who does not speed regularly but who now faces penalties from a ticket, it’s important for you to know that you can defend yourself. You have a right to appear in court and to defend your reason for speeding despite it being against the law.

There may be times when it’s reasonable to break the law

There are rare causes when it can be reasonable to violate traffic laws. For example, if you were being pushed to speed by a dangerous driver behind you and had no way to move out of the way, then speeding might have been a necessity rather than a reckless act.

If you are rushing to the hospital because your child is hurt or because you have someone in pain in your vehicle, then this may also be something to present to the judge. Although speeding puts those in your vehicle as well as others at risk, if the danger of not speeding outweighs the risk of speeding, then doing so might be forgivable.

A good defense can help you avoid penalties from traffic tickets

If you have a strong defense and can show the court why you had to speed to protect yourself or someone else you love, then you may be able to have the ticket voided and dismissed. If you were coerced to drive quickly, forced to drive over the speed limit to avoid a collision or had to drive at that speed based on your circumstances, then it makes sense and should be something that the court considers before issuing you penalties for the ticket.

You have a right to defend yourself and to protect your license. Taking the right defensive action early may help you avoid serious penalties, like the loss of your license, as well as heavy fines.